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  • Virtual World GChat Virtual World is a 3D chat client tool with live webcam support. A chat tool with a difference, it can host an entire community of fully interactive, animated 3D avatars, with custom profiles and fun gestures. Members have access to smileys, gestures and custom profiles. Moderators can silence, kick and ban abusers. Administrators can disable other accounts and pick moderators. Virtual World can also integrate with existing databases.

Virtual World Top Features

Overview Overview

Virtual World is a full-featured online chat with webcam streaming, 3D avatars, music playlists, user profiles, database integration, and tons more.

3D Avatars 3D Avatars

In Virtual World avatars are animated 3D renderings of people in different outfits, complexions and masks. They're easy to control and swap on the fly.

Public Chat Public Chat

The software's public chat mode allows users to exchange text messages via floating speech bubbles, enlivened by chat history and animated gestures.

Private Chat Private Chat

Talk to several people through floating private chat windows - the one-to-one mode with text, video and audio support. Add or ignore chatters.

Friend List Friend List

Never lose touch with your best buddies - add them to your friend list. The friend list is kept for every Virtual World member, is easy to use and manage.

Ignore List Ignore List

Ignore unwanted contact and maintain your privacy by using the inbuilt ignore list. It helps you blacklist spammers and abusers.

User Search User Search

Find people to connect with through User Search - query members directory by ID, name, location, gender, age, or keyword, without having to log out.

MP3 Player MP3 Player

MP3 Player jukebox supports playlists, track skipping, seeking, and on-click playback of music in Virtual World chatrooms.

Message History Message History

Catch up on what you've missed in public chat with message history - a handy scrollable conversation logger that's always there when you need it.

Room List Room List

Find your favourite hangout, search for other chatters or tweak your profile, in the scrollable room list with live capacity indicators.

Webcam Streaming Webcam Streaming

Share streamed voice and video from your webcam with others via private chat. Scale webcam area up or down, and disable bits you don't use.

Custom Profile Custom Profile

Show the world the person behind the alias - flesh out your chat profile with a custom picture, hobby and status information, and other personal details.
  • Requirements

    • Red5 Server OR Flash Communication Server 1.5 and higher  
    • Windows or Linux Dedicated Server or virtual private server (VPS)
    • Php 4.0 or higher
    • MySQL 4.0 or higher
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