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  • We are pleased to invite you to become one of our official affiliates. You can play a part in the continued success story of our products, by promoting them on your website and elsewhere on the web.

    In return, we will pay you generous commission rates on the referrals you send our way. For each original paid order you refer to our website, you can expect the following returns:

    • Single license referral – 20% commission
    • Hosted chat referral – 20% commission
    • Bulk order referral – 10% commission

    For hosted chat referrals, you will get commission for the initial purchase only.

    Affiliates Registration:

    How does it work?

    The entire process consists of seven easy steps:

    • Register an account with us, if you haven't got one already.
    • Get a website, which must be linked to your account, and suitable for promoting GChat software.
    • Request to be validated as an affiliate by logging in the customers portal and visiting "My Referrals" section.
    • Agree to Referral Terms and Conditions during your application.
    • Get a confirmation from us with your affiliate ID, if selected.
    • Place the given link on your website or in any promotional e-mail you send out
    • Start promoting and getting commission!

    Payment of commission

    • We will transfer the funds to your PayPal or MoneyBookers account when your commission balance reaches $100 or more unpaid commission.
    • GChat calculates and pays commission on referrals that are three months or older*.
    • Any unpaid balance will carry on, until you reach the $100 minimum payout limit – so you'll never lose a cent.
    • No commission is payable on subscription and license renewals.

    *We hold on to the commission balance for this duration to protect us against any charge-backs, refunds or order cancellations, on which no commission is payable in accordance with our terms and conditions.
    Pad files:

    Icon Product Pad File Latest Version
    Visichat Visichat Pad File 3.1.0
    Flash mp3 player Flash mp3 player Pad File 4.0.0

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  • We are pleased to announce that from today Visichat will come in one unified edition - Standard, and will be $100 cheaper per license. For just $199, you can now get one Visichat Standard license, one-time...

    April 26, 2015
  • Latest Update
  • Visichat 3.1.0 provides new features and bug fixes for Visichat 3.x - User group based access for rooms.
    - User group based permission for sending public messages
    May 6, 2013
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