• Visichat 3.1.0
  • Visichat 3.1.0

    Visichat 3.1.0 provides new features and bug fixes for Visichat 3.x

    - User group based access for rooms.
    - User group based permission for sending public messages
    - New option to add a custom background image for each room
    - New option to allow choosing an icon for rooms
    - Flash cookie ban
    - Red5 application performance improvement
    - Changing all tables to UTF8 encoding
    - Bug fixes

    May 6, 2013
  • Video Chat 3.0.2
  • Video Chat 3.0.2

    Video Chat 3.0.2 update is a hotfix for Video Chat 3.0 and 3.0.1 which addresses the following issues:

    - Wrong date and time in public messages
    - Country shows as reserved inside the Manage window in chat
    - Cannot delete quiz questions for the Trivia Bot plugin
    - Remove character limit in ChatRobot and TriviaBot messages
    - ChatRobot links are not clickable
    - Cannot set the window text color in the admin panel styles page.
    - Forgot password link doesn't appear
    - Installation fails in some windows machines with Database already in use error
    - The system does not record users IP address after login.
    - Cannot set room list item text color in Styles
    - Allow registration by unicode characters option does not work
    - No sound is played when users log in or join a room.
    - Chat news, and login text will break the XML format if HTML characters are used.
    - Footer in admin panel sometimes overlaps
    - On guest auto login, public messages appear twice for the sender

    Also the following new features are added:

    - Admin panel account permissions to provide limited access to the panel to others
    - Character encoding on add user page in the admin panel is iso while should be utf8

    March 18, 2013
  • Video Chat 3.0.1
  • Video Chat 3.0.1

    Video Chat 3.0.1 update is a hotfix for Video Chat 3.0 which addresses the following issues:

    - Video gallery recording feature
    - Broken YouTube video posts
    - Installation timeout during importing languages
    - Default age

    Also the following new features are added:

    - New section in the admin panel for creaing admin accounts
    - Reserved usernames
    - USAePay payment method
    - New option to choose the timezone
    - Improved ban IP and ban host featuring wildcards
    - Media player preview in the admin panel

    February 27, 2013
  • Video Chat 3.0
  • Video Chat 3.0

    - Brand new user friendly admin panel with easy to navigate
    - User group management allows you to add new user groups and change the icons
    - Dynamic languages makes it easy to translate your chat into different languages
    - Uploading skins, smileys, avatars and music files in the admin panel.
    - Stronger filtering allows you to limit registration from certain email suffixes

    February 4, 2013
  • Visichat 2.6
  • Visichat 2.6
    - Userlist sort ordering feature added in the admin panel.
    - Media player music and video uploading feature added.
    - Microphone echo when using handsfree.
    - Unicode usernames couldn't login in the.
    - Unicode usernames appeared incorrectly in the logs and online list.
    - Blocked members could remove the gag by changing the rooms.
    - Double enter on login brought to an empty room.
    - Improvenet: Auto reconnect to separate streaming server disconnections.
    - Improvenet: online members file now allows more flexibility on styling this file.
    April 28, 2012
  • Security fixes
  • Security fixes
    - Security fix: Current known security bugs has been fixed.
    - New option to display all the online users under the Manage button.
    - Bug fix: after users logout, username remains in the online users list.
    - Bug fix: Gallery videos not showing after integration with another script.
    - Bug fix: Invalid password message on autologin after integration.
    - Performance improvement on the user list.
    - New feature to block flooding on private messages.
    - New option to display total number of credits in the admin panel user's page.
    - New option to allow sorting in the admin user's page based on username, IP, email address, etc...
    - New option to allow adding alternative colors in the even and odd rows in the list boxes
    April 19, 2012
  • Red5 1.0 compatibility
  • Red5 1.0 compatibility

    - Red5 1.0 compatibility
    - New option to add a referral code to add for payment transactions
    - New option to kick users using /kick command
    - New option to display a message when a moderator kicks a user
    - Bug fix: when a user logout, it disconnects all microphones in red5 0.9
    - Bug fix: When registration is disabled users still can register
    - Bug fix: trim usernames in red5 which contains long characters
    - Bug fix: Error in embedding the chat using javascript fixed.
    - Bug fix: accessing manage window for usernames which contain _ character

    February 20, 2011
  • Referral code for payments
  • Referral code for payments

    - Referral code for payments
    - New smiley pack
    - Allow embedding the chat in other webpages using javascript
    - Ability to allow connections from specific SWF URL to your red5.
    - Support of basic IRC commands
    - Display credit price in the payment gateways list.
    - Invite to view my webcam
    - New option to set maximum character lenght in private/public messages
    - New option for users to set if they can be invited to view others webcam.
    - New option to create permanent password protected rooms.
    - New option to allow admin/moderators to access password protected rooms without a password.
    - New option to display a message on the screen when a user sends credit to others.
    - New option for admin to block/unblock text for all users in the currnet room.
    - New option to limit user access to rooms by gender
    - New option to choose media player width of height in admin style
    - New option to open all available webcams for users when they join a room.
    - New option in admin panel to clean up online user list.
    - New option to set bandwidth limit in admin panel.
    - New option to allow admin to change usernames.
    - Bug fix: cam quality does not change when users change camera quality.
    - Bug fix: expire date for premium user has fixed.
    - Bug fix: registration bug fixed.

    April 15, 2010
  • Red5 0.9 compatibility
  • Red5 0.9 compatibility

    - Red5 0.9 compatibility problem fixed.
    - New feature to set if moderator and admin can remove user created rooms
    - New option to set moderator users expiry date
    - New option for users with multiple webcams to select their camera source.
    - Predefined messages and font selector added to the private message window
    - New option for users to choose if others can view their webcam without their permission
    - New option to set links for widgets
    - New option in Report as a bad user to write the details
    - Modification in Admin panel users page for finding user by email address
    - New option to disable/enable showlog.php and stats.php from admin panel
    - Ability to change the default user created max room limit and maximum number of user created rooms
    - New option to allow users to post links in the chat.
    - Detailed permissions added for moderator and admin functions (kick, ban, ban host, gag, etc..)
    - New option to set if moderators can delete user created rooms
    - New option to minimize all new incoming private messages
    - New option for users to allow VIP users only to view their webcam and send them private messages
    - New option for admin and moderators to kick users from user created rooms.
    - Ban by flash cookies removed. 
    - Bug fix: Chat profile not shown correctly
    - Bug fix: Media Player not anchored right
    - Bug fix: MAC - Upload Pictures Failure
    - Bug fix: Confirmation on Buddy Removal
    - Bug fix: Send private message to friends only blocks admin and moderators too.
    - Bug fix: Youtube uploads appear big in chat window!
    - Improvement: more strict validation added in the registration page.

    January 25, 2010
  • YouTube video posts
  • YouTube video posts

    - New option for users to post YouTube videos in the chat room, possible to enable per user level and per rooms.
    - New ban tool to ban users by Host name, accessible through kick window > ban Host.
    - New tool for moderators to stop users from writing, accessible through kick window > Gag.
    - New feature to choose premium user renewal per minute, hours and days.
    - New option to set permission to view other user's webcam by gender and user level.
    - New option to display city, state, country, gender and age in the user list.
    - New option to enable picture and file sharing per room.
    - Bug fix: friend request window appears each time user login.
    - New feature to show top x most rated users and their vote numbers
    - Improvements: in the stats.php file to let users to display the room name.
    - Improvement: added confirmation message on room removal.

    October 17, 2009
  • Javascript Color Picker 1.0
  • Javascript Color Picker 1.0 Javascript Color Picker 1.0
    August 29, 2009
  • video and mp3 player
  • video and mp3 player

    - Full featured media Player added in the chat, possible to play flv video and mp3 files, supports xspf playlist files.
    - TargetPay payment gateway added
    - New option to hide year of the birth selection in the edit profile window
    - Moderators cannot see admins anymore, however admin can view all invisible users.
    - Font size saves after changing
    - Bug fix: problem with uploading files for Mac users has been fixed
    - Bug fix: problem with opening webcam for Mac users has been fixed
    - Bug fix: widget disappear after changing rooms
    - Bug fix: welcome message not showing completly
    - Bug fix: admin invisible status appears in the stats.php file
    - Bug fix: Scrollbar vanish sometimes
    - Bug fix: after adding a buddy, picture disappears in the friendlist roll over window

    July 14, 2009
  • permissions
  • permissions

    - Permissions added in the admin panel, possible to set who can open voice or webcam and or view IP address.
    - Webcams are resizable now according to size of the chat window.
    - Allo set default cam quality in the admin panel
    - Webcam quality adjust slider added next to the my webcam area.
    - Allow users to grant permissions to the other other in order to turn on their voice and webcam.
    - Possible to set who need to get permimssions and who can grant access for turning on the webcam and voice.

    May 9, 2009
  • Global message
  • Global message

    - A built in mp3 player added for public uploading mp3 files.
    - New option for admin users to send global messages to all of the users
    - Possible to set the default invisible mode, if moderators logout when they are invisible, their next login status will be invisible.
    - Improvement: Allow searching in the admin logs by keyword
    - Improvement: Vbulletin usergroups integration added, possible to set allowed and disallowed usergroups by id
    - Improvement: in vbulletin integration, if users did not activate their account or their account is banned inside vbulletin they cannot access chat.
    - Improvement: Social engine picture integration added.

    May 8, 2009
  • Widgets
  • Widgets

    - Widgets feature allows adding custom picture and swf files in the chat. possible to add different widgets per each room.
    - Terms and conditions feature has been added, possible to edit from help.xml files.
    - allopass credit card payment gateway added
    - Possible to choose to display webcam icon in the userlist or not.
    - Possible to hide admin and moderator icons to the users.
    - Improvement: in admin reports, IP of the kicked user added as well as the moderator IP.
    - Improvement: when set to not show webcam icon in the userlist, close user webcam when user leaves the room.
    - Bug fix: chat sounds stopped working.
    - Bug fix: when user login for first time, default chat and view webcam options are set to nobody.
    - Bug fix: user always prompted to edit profile.
    - Bug fix: users can access to private room by invite without having permission.
    - Bug fix: cannot disable public voice.
    - Bug fix: cannot send private message when users set it to friends only while they are in friendlist of each other too.
    - Bug fix: unicode problem on admin logs and admin reports has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: when user creates a room with numerical room name, it hides the main room from new users.

    March 15, 2009
  • Red5 v 0.8 Compatibility
  • Red5 v 0.8 Compatibility

    - Compatibility with Red5 v 0.8
    - New option for users to set who can send their private message from all, friends or nobody.
    - New option for users to set who can view their webcam, from all, friends or nobody.
    - New option to separate private and public room creation in the permissions.
    - New feature added to make it possible to display total number of registered users in your website.
    - Possible to choose, select webcam icon in the user list or not.
    - Possible to record microphone only, even webcam is turned off.
    - Possible to set custom link for buy credit button.
    - Possible to set default font for users which login for first time.
    - Improvement: when someone kicks a user, IP for the moderator and user both appears in the admin panel.
    - Bug fix: timely ban changes when updating user in the admin panel, if red5 and chat server not the same.
    - Bug fix: if set no extension in the admin panel, file uploading doesn't appear
    - Bug fix: if user removes mp3 files, chat tried to load mp3 files caused big apache log file.
    - Bug fix: when user login, does not hear current speaking user
    - Bug fix: chat freezes when user tries to clear temporary pictures.
    - Bug fix: roll over text didn't hide after moving mouse out of the clear screen button.
    - Bug fix: in admin panel, users, sometimes latest registered users didn't appear.

    February 1, 2009
  • kick option for room creators
  • kick option for room creators

    - New option in the admin menu, under setting, for reducing load on server for public voice.
    - New option to hide member list, and also thumbnails from user list and member list.
    - Admin can clear screen of other users, possible to set permission for admin or moderator in the admin panel.
    - Now room creators can kick other users from their room to the chat default room, however they cannot kick moderators and admin users.
    - Sound alerts added for public messages in the mp3 folder, you can overwrite publicmsg.mp3 to change or delete the file to remove the sound.
    - Bug fix: slow loading members list and also users list in the admin panel.
    - Bug fix: Mailing list bug has been fixed when visichat is integrated to the other scripts.
    - Bug fix: when admin leave the chat room as invisible, other users see admin left the chat room message.
    - Bug fix: when trying to select year of the birth, combo box closes.
    - Bug fix: when a user blocks someone, still they could view webcam.
    - Bug fix: when a user disallows someone to allow webcam, they could view webcam again and again.
    - Bug fix: when disabling gallery, icon did not hide.

    December 30, 2008
  • Mailing list
  • Mailing list

    - Send Email section has been added in the admin panel, you can create email, send to yourself a test email or send it to all users.
    - Export emails to text file added in the mailing list.
    - Forgot password has been added, users can reset their password with this feature if they forget their passwords.
    - Possible to set close all webcam viewers when user move to another room
    - Possible to choose picture share thumbnails height, This is height for pictures which users upload in the public and private chat.
    - Possible to set not show adult room in user created window panel.
    - Possible to set not show couple in the gender selection.
    - PHP language class has been added, make it possible to load email texts from language XML files.
    - Bug fix: when admin click on the invisible icon, it still shows online in the buddy list to friends.
    - Improvement: Users cannot block moderators and administrators.
    - Improvement: Increasing performance and speed by caching visichat setting table from MySQL into auto generated PHP class file.
    - Improvement: when a user ignore another user, public text, drawing and picture upload will not appear from ignored user.

    November 21, 2008
  • New Style - Some features
  • New Style - Some features

    - New layout window, bigger webcam view size
    - New custom button added, possible to set custom link and url
    - new option in the admin menu to set auto open messenger without asking for confirmation.
    - Chat duration has been added in the messenger, which displays chat time between two chatters.

    November 12, 2008
  • Report bad user
  • Report bad user

    - Bad user report has been added, reports appears in the admin menu, under reports section.
    - Uploading picture by URL has been added.
    - Close webcam and Close microphone option added in the kick window, now moderators can close webcam of other users.
    - New option in the admin menu, under setting to display webcam button in the private chat window.
    - New option in the permissions to let you choose which user can open webcam through private chat window.
    - Predefined messages added, you can define messages through data_xx.xml files.
    - Bug fix: chat logs has been fixed.

    October 30, 2008
  • Reports
  • Reports

    - Reports section has been added in the admin menu, now you can check when anyone attempt to login in your admin menu, or when a moderator kicks other users.
    - New file has been added for integration (scripts/integrate.php), make it possible to integrate gender and age values from your script into visichat, currently social engine Age and gender fields has been integrated.
    - New option in admin styles menu to hide my webcam area for those who wish to run a text only chat room.
    - Now list of fields appears in the admin integration page, make it easier for custom integration.
    - Clear button added for drawing mode.
    - When a user joins a chat room, country of the user appears next to the username, this feature works only when IP to country database is uploaded.
    - Improvement: now its possible to search for users in admin users menu by IP address, or simply you can click on the IP to get all usernames registered with that IP address.
    - Bug fix: after resizing the chat screen, login form and registeration form do not align in center of the chat screen.
    - Bug fix: join and leave messages in admin log page has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: allow send private messages option for moderators has been fixed.

    October 12, 2008
  • Ip to country
  • Ip to country

    - IP to country section has been added, now you can view country of users directly in the kick window.
    - Ban country feature has been added, now simply you can ban/unban IP's from one country with one single click through admin menu.
    - Possible to set if admin or moderator users have access to kick/ban premium users.
    - New option to enable chat messages encryption, by enabling this option, your messages are being encrypted before sending so it will be harder for network sniffer softwares to get your data.
    - Feature to set Status messages, possible to choose status items in data_en.xml file (or other languages).
    - Text size selection numberic selection changed to a combo box.
    - Possible to set the number of displaying smileys per message, in admin menu, under styles section.
    - New option in admin menu, under styles section for setting link for entire showlog.php messages.
    - Improvement: possible to modify email address in admin menu, under edit user page.
    - Improvement: when a user leave or join the chat room, it will notify users who already have private chat windows open with that user.
    - Bug fix: when user upload a picture, picture does not load for sender
    - Bug fix: room creation problem for unicode usernames has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: when set time limit for chat or view webcam, it doesn't affects anymore on moderators.

    September 21, 2008
  • Alertpay payment gateway
  • Alertpay payment gateway

    - Alertpay payment gateway has been added.
    - Buy credit button has been added above send button.
    - Reset votes has been added in the admin menu, under setting.
    - Show log script has been added in the scripts folder, its possible to include this page in your website to show latest public messages in your homepage
    - Ability to set time limit each user can talk per turn when hand raise option is enabled.
    - Ability to set time limit user should start talk after getting microphone on hand raise option.
    - Improvement: room id added in online_users table, indicating which room user is chating now.
    - Improvement: when a room is full, moderator and administrators still can join those rooms.
    - Improvement: message log moved to red5 and saves messages in database once per 10 minutes, this will decrease load on mysql and improve chat performance.
    - Improvement: in public message 10 smileys per messages appear to avoid flooding.
    - Bug fix: bad word filtering admin area pagination bug has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: when switch to invisible mode, invisible icon did not appear on user icon.
    - Bug fix: Random disconnections has been fixed.

    September 1, 2008
  • Paypal payment method
  • Paypal payment method

    - Paypal payment gateway has been added.
    - Option for users to set room as adult when creating temporary rooms
    - Help section has been added.
    - Update to premium account notification added, when users try to access a prohibited section, chat will inform them to update.
    - Improvement: there is no default year of the birth now, users need to select their date of birth from setting menu.
    - Bug fix: private voice bug has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: private file share bug has been fixed.

    August 24, 2008
  • Log History
  • Log History

    - Messages logging has been added, its possible to turn off messages logging
    - Shows IP address to the moderator users.
    - Allow guest users to choose a nick name.
    - Possibility to add custom button bellow send button with custom link
    - Possibility to add profile link on friend's picture.
    - Possibility to add custom logo above my webcam area, from admin menu.
    - Bug fix: red5 stopped on mysql connection failure.
    - Bug fix: friend webcam window arrangement on resizing has been fixed.

    August 15, 2008
  • SMS Payment gateways
  • SMS Payment gateways

    - 123 ticket and allopass SMS payment gateways has been added.
    - Ability to hide centre part of the chat room (text chat).
    - adult rooms and premium users room types added.
    - Premium, moderator and administrator users get double bandwidth limit per second than guest and normal users.

    August 9, 2008
  • Credit transfer
  • Credit transfer

    - Credit transfer feature has been added, now users can transfer credits to each other. possible to turn off credits.
    - Update to premium feature has been added, possible to set number of credits for one month premium subscription in the admin panel.
    - Credit transactions added in the admin panel for each user. its possible for admin to set number of credits for each user.
    - Chat room auto close time added, now possible to set a date and time for closing chat room.
    - Unicode usernames problem on windows server has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: handsfree bug has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: flooding has been fixed when multiple clicking on a username.
    - Bug fix: File uploading permission problem has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: When users login with special characters in their username, after logout their status show online, fixed.
    - Bug fix: when changing room, hands free doesnt work, fixed.

    August 3, 2008
  • Games Voting
  • Games Voting

    - Voting added for games.
    - Possible to open/close chat room with custom message from admin menu, under settings.
    - Red5 application added for video and voice streams in visichat, now you can use it in your red5 or different server for improving server side performance.
    - Improvement: Private voice icon added, it changes when user receives private voice chat streams.
    - Improvement: quality of uploaded pictures has been improved.
    - Improvement: microphone icon appears left side of the username.
    - Bug fix: when viewing webcam, users get disconnected sometimes, fixed.
    - Bug fix: unicode room name creation problem has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: rooms permission problem has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: kicking users which contain uppercase characters has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: when users join chatroom, multiple join messages appeared in the screen, fixed.
    - Bug fix: profile link on user list has been fixed.

    July 26, 2008
  • Premium users
  • Premium users

    - Premium user access added, its possible to set permission for admin, moderator, premium, user and guests, separately in the admin menu, under permissions.
    - New option added in the admin menu to disable raise hand feature for public voice.
    - One way chat module added, by turning on this feature, only moderators will see user list and start chatting with users.
    - Auto reloading chat setting added, now after adding changes, chat server will reload setting every 5 minutes once.

    July 20, 2008
  • Administrator user type
  • Administrator user type


    - Administrator access level added, administrator can kick, ban moderators, view IP addresses plus all moderator privileges.
    - AbleDating integration added to the visichat.
    - Bug fix: When user login for first time and cancel setting panel, they couldn't get private messages.
    - Improvement: When release talk button, set to hand raise automatically to avoid multiple clicking for talk
    - Improvement: When a user get microphone and does not talk for 8 seconds, next user will take the microphone.
    - Improvement: Public hands free on raise hand feature has been improved and get activated automatically after taking microphone.
    - Improvement: Video gallery, games and connecting colours has been added to the styles, and its possible to change them.

    July 18, 2008
  • Raise hand feature
  • Raise hand feature

    - Raise hand feature added for public voice chat.
    - Possible to take/give the microphone from/to a user for moderators, by right clicking on the user name
    - Improvements: performance improvement by reducing the data passing from red5 to flash player for room users count.
    - Improvements: Member list is being loaded after clicking on the members tab, and will be removed by changing the view; this will increase performance in client side.
    - Bug fix: color picker javascript url in admin styles menu has been fixed

    July 15, 2008
  • User created rooms
  • User created rooms

    - User created rooms added, Possible for users to create password protected rooms or temporary public rooms.
    - User created rooms will be removed automatically as soon as last user leaves the temporary room.
    - Possible to hide password field in the login menu, with this option you can make sure only users can login from auto login method.
    - Invite user feature added, when users invite each other from password protected room, it doesnt ask password from invited user.
    - Bug fix:after saving profile, some setting including invisible mode were restarted ro the default.
    - Bug fix:ignore voice option has been fixed.

    July 10, 2008
  • Bug fixes, some addictions
  • Bug fixes, some addictions

    - Moodle CMS database integration added.
    - Possible to allow guest and registered users to watch multiple webcams at once.
    - Ability to turn on/off transcript from admin menu to increase client side performance
    - Improvement: Transcript panel will be created when you click on the button and will be removed after to free up memory.
    - Improvement: Minimize button added for game window, also now its possible to drag the game window from title bar.
    - Improvement: Bad word filtering added for username, profile details and private chat.
    - Possible to turn on/off bad word filtering for private chat in the admin menu.
    - Bug fix: unicode room names problem has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: Picture uploading problem on auto login mode has been fixed.
    - Bug fix: duplicate usernames appear in the statistics fixed.

    July 1, 2008
  • Games
  • Games

    - Games panel added,now its possible to add your own swf games from admin menu.
    - Bug fix: webcam icons of users didn't show up in the user list
    - Bug fix: when users leave, it didn't update number of users in room list.
    - Bug fix: upload picture problem has been fixed.

    June 27, 2008
  • Who is watching webcam
  • Who is watching webcam

    - Who is watching webcam added. Possible to close webcam for each user, who is watching your webcam.
    - Allow users customize display their webcam status to the others. possible to turn on/off this feature in the admin menu.
    - Possible to not allow users to register more than one username with same ip address.
    - Users can't hide their webcam status from moderators.
    - Bug fix: unicode usernames login problem fixed
    - Bug fix: after disconnection, returns users to the same room.
    - Improvement: display filename when users upload a file.
    - Improvement: setting panel window and gallery window will be created on runtime, and by closing those windows they will be removed, which will free memory and increase flash player speed.

    June 22, 2008
  • Integration panel
  • Integration panel

    - Possiblity to set automatically enable voice and/or handsfree on user login.
    - Resizable view webcam window
    - Possible to add default view webcam size in the admin menu
    - Integration page added in the admin menu
    - Possible to enable/disable unicode characters in the username, possible to set in the admin menu.
    - Permissions panel added in the admin menu.
    - Ability to set guest view and start cam and also start private chat in permissions.
    - Possible to allow/disallow unicode and or space characters in username.
    - Enable/disable drawing option per each room.
    - Integration panel added in the admin menu.

    June 8, 2008
  • Flash Tab Component
  • Flash Tab Component Flash Tab Component
    June 2, 2008
  • Bug fixes, some addictions
  • Bug fixes, some addictions

    - Enable/disable avatars panel in admin menu
    - Improvements on the public voice and reducing a lot of bandwidth usage.
    - Thumbnail generation for small pictures displaying in the userlist.
    - My webcam and view webcam window video background and border added to styles
    - Bug fix: only one person can talk at a time which avoid conflict when many users talk same time.
    - Bug fix: enabled/disable voice and webcam per room problem has been resolved.
    - Bug fix: problem with saving movies in the gallery , when approval is turned off, has fixed.
    - Bug fix: magic quotes problem with europian characters fixed.
    - Bug fix: lag when switching tabs in the IE and firefox fixed.
    - Bug fix: timestamp format fixed by adding a leading 0 to the hour and minute numbers less than 10.
    - Bug fix: rooms permission bug has been fixed.

    June 1, 2008
  • Separate stream connection
  • Separate stream connection

    - Ability to add separate server for video and voice streams, its possible now to use FMS or Wowza or red5 server in same or another dedicated for voice and videos. Using this feature will increase the performance and quality.
    - Tabs added to the gallery window, possible to view all member videos.
    - Minimized private chat colors added to styles
    - Viewing webcam window added to the styles
    - Loading profile moved from red5 to php
    - visi_chat_infoid field removed from the members_info table, and visi_chat_user_id set as primary key instead.
    - Bug fix: RTL language problems fixed
    - Bug fix: european characters encoding problem fixed.

    May 28, 2008
  • Chat news
  • Chat news

    - Room ordering added
    - Custom news message added in the admin menu under styles.
    - Ability to disable file sharing and drawing in the admin menu under setting.
    - Turn on user's webcam on login, ability to enable/disable this feature in the admin menu.
    - Bug fix: incorrect positioning smiley in message history when adding html tags.
    - Bug fix: character encoding problem in admin log menu and profiles.
    - Bug fix: bad word filtering case insensitively problem fixed.
    - Improved security by disabling the drawing board on flooding.
    - Improved security on webcam streams by choosing a random stream name.

    May 25, 2008
  • Style manager
  • Style manager

    Style management added, and its possible to customize whole colors through admin menu.
    Update notifications added in the admin panel, so you get the update links in your web messenger admin menu.
    Ability to set the picture for users, pictures swap with webcam as soon as users turn on their webcam.

    May 23, 2008
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing board

    Drawing board added to the visichat. now users can communicate with drawing board to send their drawing to each other.
    Flash player detection added to the script.
    This update also includes some fixes on performance.
    Update notifications added in the visichat admin menu, so you can get the update links each time there is an update available.

    May 17, 2008
  • Badword filtering, remember password
  • Badword filtering, remember password

    Bad word filtering added to the visichat, admin can add unlimited words in the admin panel.
    Remember password added for visichat.
    Some improvements for performance and bug fixes included.
    Tabbed panels added for setting window.

    May 10, 2008
  • Bug fixes, some addictions
  • Bug fixes, some addictions

    Bugs fixed in the previous version and configuration movied from config file to the setting panel in the admin menu.
    Now possible to set max chat time between users, and window will warn and close once the chat session time finish.
    You can set messenger window width and height values, and also messenger window is resizable.

    May 4, 2008
  • Flooding control
  • Flooding control

    Flooding control added, and avoid users to spam/flood in the public room.
    Who is online in the chatroom script added and you can simply place in your website with a javascript tag. it shows moderator, users and guests who are online, with diffrent colors.
    Two custom buttons added and you can enable/disable from admin menu, and set link and title for each one.
    Now you can add swf animated avatars.

    May 2, 2008
  • Full styling options
  • Full styling options

    Possibility to add custom logo and text to login form in admin menu.
    Full styles manager options, and color picker, now you can change almost all parts of the chat in the admin menu.
    You can set idle time, idle disconnnect time and idle close cam and voice time to save bandwidth.
    Users can resize private chat window and bug fixes for room full, private voice

    April 22, 2008
  • Buddy List , Block List and Voting
  • Buddy List , Block List and Voting

    Now users can add friends in their Buddy List, and it shows their friend online/offline status and picture.
    Block user feature, let users ignore others, so if a user block someone, the blocked user will not be able to send private message or view webcam of that user.
    Voting let each user vote other users once, and it appear in roll over window. if a user revote someone, new vote will be replaced with old value.

    April 7, 2008
  • Custom smileys
  • Custom smileys

    Ability to view and ban ip for moderators inside chat.
    new sound alerts for leave join.
    now smileys are separate fla file, very easy to modify and there is no need to change main flash file, so you can have your own smileys very easy.
    Ability to turn on/off sound alerts for users
    ability to set not allow guest login if there is no moderator logged in the chatroom.
    choose default public chat font size in the admin styles menu
    ability to set cam and voice permission for indivitual users from admin menu.

    April 3, 2008
  • Detailed profile options
  • Detailed profile options

    New profile options added including: Country, State, City, Material status and About me.
    You can define country and states through XML file, and also possible to translate county and states into other languages.

    March 25, 2008
  • Offline messages - admin invisible
  • Offline messages - admin invisible

    - Admin invisible mod added to visichat, possible to allow only certain moderators to be able to switch to invisible
    - Offline messages added, so when you send private message to someone, after login user will get them
    - Time stamps for messages, ability to turn on/off in admin menu
    - When selecting color, it will remember in next logins.
    - Now its possible to put {id} value in profile links for integration.

    March 16, 2008
  • Private picture and file sharing
  • Private picture and file sharing

    Private picture and file sharing added. moderator can disable webcam viewing permission so all users can view webcam without permission Or admin can select indivisual users and only let them view webcams without permission.
    Ability to set logout and offline users link in admin menu. also you can set target link for the logout and register button (_self, _blank, etc..).
    Ability to disable user leave and join room messages or only show message when user connect to first room or leave the chat.

    March 1, 2008
  • Style manager
  • Style manager

    Now you can choose your own background picture or background color for the chat from admin menu via Style section. It's possible to set transparency of the chat so your background picture will be visible from behind.
    Small bug fixes on the smiley component, room list and user list.

    February 23, 2008
  • Red5 Version
  • Red5 Version

    3d virtual chat red5 version has been released. so you dont need to purchase flash server anymore to be able to run 3d virtual chat in your website.

    February 19, 2008
  • Banner rotator
  • Banner rotator

    Banner Rotator added into the visichat. now you have a new admin panel to add many banners, set show time, expire time, clicks and views, all in one page.
    If you dont add any banner, it simply move up the chat area to fill the screen llike how it was before.
    Also two other new features added: ability to make register button to link it to your reigstration page and also ability to link user picture thumbnails to open their profile pages in your website.
    Also speed lag issues has been fixed.

    February 17, 2008
  • Smile TextBox 3.0.0
  • Smile TextBox 3.0.0

    Smiley Textbox 3.0 has been released, Textbox 2.0.1 bugs fixed and also addPic function added to load external pictures inside component.
    Smiley Textbox 3.0 is much more faster than Textbox 2.0.1.

    February 8, 2008
  • Master mute, max lines limit.
  • Master mute,  max lines limit.

    Final relase of text smiley 3.0 added to visichat, now latest 300 lines appear in the message history to avoid slow down the player, when there is so many messages in the history and also private message.
    Admin usernames appear in top of the user list and after that, alphabeticaly.
    Now you can click on the mic icon left side of voice on/off check box to mute all users. Also Username length set to 4 and maximum 20 characters.

    February 8, 2008
  • New smiley textfield
  • New smiley textfield

    New smiley textfield added to the visichat, its much more faster than the old one, and also supports changing font size. picture uploader loading bar also added plus some bug fixes.

    January 31, 2008
  • Handsfree and typing notification
  • Handsfree and typing notification

    Use handsfree in public chat, no need to hold down Talk button while speaking.
    Public typing notification added.
    Usernames login with case sensivity.
    Many configurations added in the admin setting panel to toggle all features on/off, but especially to enable/disable voice and video capabilities individually for each room; option to set the default arrival room to random,   so users join a random room on each login.

    January 13, 2008
  • Camera quality handler
  • Camera quality handler

    Camera quality handler added, default quality can be set through config file by owner. Also  improvements to public voice (re echo feedback) and room list bugs fixed.

    January 6, 2008
  • Video gallery
  • Video gallery

    Registered users can record voice and video with their webcam then save the recording in their gallery. Delete function if required. 
    Admin can enable/ disable the feature's auto approval option. Admin can also set how many videos a user can add totheir personal  gallery, and the length (in seconds) each one can be.

    December 30, 2007
  • Access permission for rooms
  • Access permission for rooms

    Choose whether a room is private or public. In the admin menu, you can click on any username to set which private rooms the user can access.
    Also as admin you can set a private room as visible in the Rooms list to everyone, or visible only to its permitted users.

    December 26, 2007
  • Userlist and Avatar view
  • Userlist and Avatar view

    Userlist view options added to  the Visichat. You can switch between userlist view (mini avatars) and full avatar view, by  clicking tabs.

    December 22, 2007
  • Chat Log and Message History
  • Chat Log and Message History

    Chat Logs feature with many options in admin settings. 
    Length of period for log: start end. 
    Search log files in the admin panel by Room/ User/ IP.  
    Select public messages OR private messages OR both.
    Select to show Join/Leave announcements. 
    Paginated. Define page length. 
    Toggle logs on/off.
    Message history feature displays when a user enters a room. 
    Admin selects number of previous (public) messages per room to display.

    December 18, 2007
  • Minimizable private message window
  • Minimizable private message window

    Minimize feature added to private message window, utilising a taskbar. When a user minimizes private message windows, they appearas buttons in the taskbar, displaying the name of the other user. The button blinks with a new message.

    December 17, 2007
  • Picture and File share
  • Picture and File share

    Registered members can send photos, pictures directly into chat rooms. The feature ALSO uploads document files e.g. rtf, .doc, pdf. Admin sets allowed file types.
    The sharing operation is streamlined: fast and sleek. User clicks the Share icon. An explorer window opens displaying files on their computer.
    User clicks the desired file to select it. Thats all! A clickable thumbnail of a good clear size appears in the chat.
    If the user requires more detail or a more in depth view clicking it opens another window with a larger view of the photo or picture. The feature automatically resizes the upload.

    December 16, 2007
  • Transcripts
  • Transcripts

    Users can create a transcript of their chat session. This feature is accessed instantly by clicking on a document icon immediately above their text input.
    Default is up to 2 hours transcript. Option to select time period to get limited number of message logs, or else set the time to 00:00 to get all.

    December 14, 2007
  • Smile TextBox 2.0.1 update
  • Smile TextBox 2.0.1 update

    Now you can register smiles at runtime with register_smile method.

    You can also limit maximum smiles per message to avoid flooding, by setting this value to 0 you can show all smiles, this option can be changed at runtime as well.

    December 4, 2007
  • New smile text component
  • New smile text component

    Visichat now supports RTL languages (arabic and hebrew) with smilies.

    December 2, 2007
  • Webcam in userlist
  • Webcam in userlist

    User's Webcam appears in the user list area. User's voice can be muted or webcam closed. Sound equalizer added for both user's webcam window and user list.
    Option to click Zoom icon to view larger webcam window.
    Notification messages added for when a user joins or leaves a room.

    November 27, 2007
  • Sound alerts
  • Sound alerts

    Sound alerts added to the chat. Sounds are external mp3 files.

    November 13, 2007
  • Visichat 2.0.2 update
  • Visichat 2.0.2 update

    Bug fixes in installer for linux. Full screen mode added for black skin.
    Visichat2 jar file compiled for both JRE 1.5 and JRE 1.6

    November 6, 2007
  • Flash Media Player 4.0
  • Flash Media Player 4.0 Flash Media Player 4.0
    November 3, 2007
  • Gchats Window component
  • Gchats Window component Gchats Window component
    November 3, 2007
  • Tiny Mp3 Player 1.0
  • Tiny Mp3 Player 1.0 Tiny Mp3 Player 1.0
    November 3, 2007
  • Tiny Flash Player
  • Tiny Flash Player Tiny Flash Player
    November 3, 2007
  • Flash Picture Gallery
  • Flash Picture Gallery Flash Picture Gallery
    November 3, 2006
  • Flash Mp3 Player 4.0
  • Flash Mp3 Player 4.0 Flash Mp3 Player 4.0
    June 26, 2006
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  • We are pleased to announce that from today Visichat will come in one unified edition - Standard, and will be $100 cheaper per license. For just $199, you can now get one Visichat Standard license, one-time...

    April 26, 2015
  • Latest Update
  • Visichat 3.1.0 provides new features and bug fixes for Visichat 3.x - User group based access for rooms.
    - User group based permission for sending public messages
    May 6, 2013
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