• Become an official GChat hosted chat reseller
  • Become an official GChat hosted chat reseller

    GChat is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its hosted chat reseller service plan. It was developed for businesses and enterprising individuals looking to lease out hosted chat rooms in partnership with us. We offer competitive discounts, unbeatable support service and an easy, one payment fee structure. If you are interested, please read on to find out how to take advantage of this great opportunity.

    How does it work?
    There are seven easy steps in all:

    1) Register an account with us, if you don't have one, and let us know you want to resell hosted chat.
    2) You order hosted chats from us and get 30% reseller discount.
    3) If you buy 6-11 months of hosting in advance, you gain 15% additional discount on your final payment.
    4) If you buy 12 months (1 year) of hosting or more in advance, your additional discount jumps to 30%!
    5) We install and activate your chats.
    6) You promote and let out your chats to customers for a fee.
    7) We both benefit!

    Worked examples
    Let's say you want to resell access to a hosted chat with unlimited number of users and you buy it from us for 1 year in advance. Original price of this package is $1259.92. But with your original order and final balance discounts as a reseller, you save 51% overall or $643. So the final amount you pay will be just $617!

    If you choose to pay in monthly instalments, the 30% discount will apply every month. So instead of the usual monthly fee of $149.99 you'll only have to pay $105!

    We'll take care of the technical details, and you can focus on your clients' needs and managing an exceptional service. Additionally, you can save more time and money with us as your only service provider.

    Hosted chat resellers can count on the following free perks:

    -Fully featured admin panel
    -Regular updates
    -Reliable server
    -Fast connection
    -Chat and server maintenance
    -10 Gpbs DDoS protection
    -Expert technical support

    One fee, one supplier and no worries! Enquire today and become an official GChat hosted chat reseller.

    May 25, 2013
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