• GChat Video Chat 3.0 is coming
  • GChat Video Chat 3.0 is coming

    GChat is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the public test demo for GChat Video Chat 3.0. It gives you a unique opportunity to take the new software for a spin, ask questions and assist the development team by reporting any software quirks that you may notice during the beta. The new software will officially launch on 14 January 2013 and will be made available to our hosted chat customers. It will be uploaded to the customers portal and go on sale on our website shortly afterwards. There are plenty of new features to get excited about and some incoming changes you should keep in mind.

    Major new features in this software release are custom user groups, dynamic language manipulation and interchangeable chat skins. The control panel
    has been redesigned as a true global menu bar with integrated user search function - allowing you to get more done in less time than before. Chat administrators can now manage the user avatar library and the smiley file directly from here, too. You'll also be pleased to see a full-featured HTML mail editor, much sought after moderated hand raise option and other nice little touches and improvements throughout. Oh, and there's a preview function for pretty much everything from banners to games, making it easy to experiment with a variety of features!

    The live demo can be accessed via the following link: GChat Video Chat Demo.

    But don't worry, whilst you're getting used to all this new functionality, you won't have to teach your users new tricks just yet.The standard chat skin remains as it was in version 2.6.0, for the time being. We decided to postpone its redesign to speed up the new software release and give you more time to adjust to the new features, before introducing more change into the system. The new skin will ship with the first few updates to version 3.0. Furthermore, the PHP source code files will now come in encrypted form, while the admin functions that used to be exposed through them will have alternatives integrated in the control panel interface - giving you more functionality, ease-of-access and extra chat security at the same time.

    Please also be aware that from version 3.0, GChat packaging and pricing structure will be updated to better reflect the structure of our business and software. GChat Video Chat 3.0 software will initially be offered in the following editions:

    Standard - everything we currently offer, plus Flash source codes for customisation, new 3.0 features and 6 months free updates service subscription.
    Professional - everything in the Standard Edition, plus 1 year free technical support and 6 months free updates service subscription.

    Prices will start at $299 for new customers. However, our existing clients will receive the latest version of the Standard Edition free of charge to show our appreciation of their continued loyalty and support, which made this software release possible.

    The Professional Edition is primarily set to address the needs of business clients who may need specialised custom modules, such as market trading helpers, analysis tools, news feeders and tickers, etc, and an additional level of support. As new extensions become available, GChat will be able to offer a truly flexible and tailored experience in this regard to SMEs and enterprising individuals.

    It's set to be a busy new year, and you can look forward to the new official chat skin, plenty of software modules and faster update turnaround times, from version 3.0 onwards. We hope you have a pleasant festive season and look forward to your feedback on the demo. Keep in touch via our email, forums, blog or social media outlets.

    Best wishes,
    GChat Team

    June 30, 2013
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