• GChat Video Chat 3.0.1
  • GChat Video Chat 3.0.1

    GChat is pleased to announce the planned release of its next Video Chat update to license holders on February 28. This is primarily a hotfix patch. All acknowledged bugs identified from release date have received an appropriate fix. The patch also features a couple of new features, which will be revealed nearer the time. The 3.0.1 update will be available to download via the Customers Portal to all licensees with a current updates subscription. Webmasters will be pleased to know that if they're already running Video Chat 3.0, the update installation is very straightforward and the steps have been simplified compared to the major version upgrade from Visichat 2.6 to Video Chat 3.0.

    GChat has also deployed a new bug tracking system - Jira - for its bug tracking portal at GChat Bug Tracking. It's easier to navigate than the old MantisBT solution and customers will be able to see quickly which issues have been highlighted, what has been fixed and what's coming in the next Video Chat versions. Video Chat 3.0 now has a dedicated Video Chat Bug Tracking sub-forum, where potential problems can be brought to the attention of the development team. This should make it easier to report bugs while avoiding duplication of reports and letting GChat staff carry out additional software tests before the individual items are logged on the bug tracking portal.

    In other news, hosted chats with 100 and more users will receive a specialised statistics plugin, designed to graph peak chat traffic over time. Chat Statistics plugin will be activated automatically for these chats on release and is available to preview at Video Chat Admin Panel. A feature summary is also available from the Video Chat Statistics product page. Chat Statistics is based on HTML5, works out of the box and can be set to displaying tracking for only specific user groups. It's a great feature to have! Especially for a webmaster who wants to know how his chat has been doing while he was away.

    September 8, 2013
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    May 6, 2013
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