• GChat announces Video Chat 3.0 for hosted chat customers
  • GChat announces Video Chat 3.0 for hosted chat customers

    GChat is pleased to announce the launch of Video Chat 3.0. As promised, following the demo testing period, the new software is available from today for all hosted chat customers. This release integrates improvements, fixes and modifications added following the feedback from the demo. Webmasters will enjoy all round performance improvements, new admin panel and dynamic features. GChat hosted chat customers will receive the upgrade free of charge. If you are a hosted customer, please submit an upgrade request via the Customers Portal to be placed on the upgrade queue.

    Please keep in mind that Video Chat 3.0 has undergone radical internal changes, including the underlying database structure, and it is therefore not downgrade-able back to Video Chat(formerly Visichat) 2.x, once installed. Customers running chats based on the 2.x series may keep using the older software for as long as they like. However, 2.x has reached its end of life stage, and all future updates and feature improvements will be targeted at the new software line. For architectural reasons, improvements in version 3.0 and later cannot be back-ported to earlier releases.

    The technical team will set aside three weeks specifically for the upgrade cycle. Hosted customers must also be aware that the new Video Chat ships with the PayPal payment gateway by default. This is intentional. The development team will consider other payment options by popular demand. Customers are welcome to recommend a payment gateway for inclusion through the Customers Portal, and if approved, it will be added free of charge for everyone. This special arrangement will end on the 4 February. After Monday, 4 February, Video Chat 3.0 will be available to buy from gchats.com and will be uploaded to download from the Customers Portal for non-hosted customers with a valid license and current updates subscription.

    When Video Chat 3.0 goes on sale after 4 February, it will initially be available in two editions:

    Standard - core program + Flash source codes + six months of free updates - $299;

    Professional - Standard Edition features + bundled technical support + one year of free updates - $499;

    Additional details about the new packaging structure and pricing will follow nearer the time.

    Best regards,
    GChat Team

    August 2, 2013
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