• GChat announces Visichat 3.0.3 for hosted chats
  • GChat announces Visichat 3.0.3 for hosted chats

    Hosted chat clients will be pleased to know that the upgrade process on their hosted chat has been completed and they can take advantage of the new features of Visichat 3.0.3 from today. The new demo is already live. So why not have a look at the new admin features while you wait? Head to the Visichat demo page and log in to the control panel with the provided demo details.

    Visichat 3.0.3 brings with itself a number of anticipated additions to its established set of tools, namely:

    - Room access control by user group.
    - Public chat access control by user group.
    - Add custom title per chat skin for extra flexibility for your personalised designs.

    User group permissions for accessing rooms replace the VIP only access feature. Now it is possible to give each user group unique access rights, reflecting their contribution to the community or chat role. Managing custom premium groups is easier as well. By using these new permissions and room features in tandem, a webmaster can tailor-fit the chatroom experience to the chatter, depending on what they like to do and how they prefer to communicate in chat.

    The new optional restrictions on public chat access give greater moderation leeway to the admin. They are useful for vetting new accounts and chat guests, as a form of mild suspension, or for special occasions and events. These permissions are more flexible than simply disabling the public chat for a time, since a webmaster can still let certain groups of members use public chat for others to see but not comment.

    As always, GChat is staying on top of the incoming bug reports and this update has all the latest fixes to the issues reported up to now. The full list of resolved items can be found at the Visichat Project Portal.

    For license holders, Visichat 3.0.3 update will be packaged and ready for download on 6 May. Your admin panel dashboard will receive the appropriate notification when the new software becomes available. Stay tuned and check back on the day.

    November 8, 2013
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