• Visichat 3.1.0 is ready for download
  • Visichat 3.1.0 is ready for download

    GChat is pleased to release Visichat 3.1.0 for all active license holders. The customers wishing to download the update, should log in with their GChat account into the Customers Portal, and proceed to the 'My Licenses' section of the management screen.

    The link to download the update will appear for every license with an active updates subscription. If your updates subscription has expired, all you need to do to get your hands on the latest and greatest of Visichat is to renew it, which can be done directly from the license summary screen.

    Visichat 3.1.0 brings a number of new features, alongside further bug fixes and system improvements. The major addition in this update is the user group room access control. This feature replaces the VIP only functionality to better serve needs of admins who employ custom user groups in their chat. The new controls are more flexible and will let you filter out one or more user groups from a particular room without affecting the others. The traditional VIP-only experience can be achieved, if desired, by choosing to grant the premium user group sole access to a particular room with VIP features.

    User group permissions now have a toggle for public messaging. This is a new global setting that can be used to temporarily or permanently take away a user group's right to post text messages to the public chat in any room it is enabled in. Groups without this permission will still be able to view the public chat activity, but will not be able to get involved.

    The public message permission further enhances the moderation powers available in your chat, and can serve as means of a mild ban in cases where you don't wish to completely remove the offender. It can also be handy on special occasions when only a limited number of speakers need to command the attention of the chat community as a whole.

    Customisation in the admin panel has been further tweaked to let webmasters set titles for the chat skins they upload. The skins already in the chat library can be titled retrospectively as well, making file management just that little bit easier. What's even more exciting though, is the new ability to change wallpaper for every room in your chat. Custom room backgrounds can be gif, png, jpg, or swf files. They are scaled automatically to fit your room dimensions, and are ideal for setting a unique visual ambiance. And on the client side, the ban power was supplemented with a Flash cookie ban measure - thwarting efforts of chatters exploiting the browser and Flash caches to temporarily get back into the chatroom, before the action against them took effect.

    While you download, check out the Visichat demo of the update in action; which also has a special surprise in store for the fans of our Chat Robot plugin. Whether you're upgrading, updating or installing from scratch, don't forget to skim through the official Visichat manual. For the full list of bug fixes and improvements in this release, please see the Visichat Project Portal. And don't forget to keep in touch with the team about this and future updates through social media, our GChat forum or the GChat blog.

    November 22, 2013
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  • Visichat 3.1.0 provides new features and bug fixes for Visichat 3.x - User group based access for rooms.
    - User group based permission for sending public messages
    May 6, 2013
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