• The next Visichat evolution is coming
  • The next Visichat evolution is coming

    Having completed the biggest server side revamp to date in Visichat 3, GChat is pleased to announce that development has started on groundbreaking front-end redesign for the next software update milestone. The next major release will feature a brand new chat layout and much requested support for ActionScript 3.0.

    As promised, this is the second phase of development of the software. Visichat 3 tackled the server side upgrades, new architecture design, security enhancements, redesign of the admin panel, and stability. While from the next major release the focus will shift towards interface improvements, bringing out the best of the software for your chatters to enjoy in an easy to access way, enhancing usability and modernising the look of the chat client.

    This is a big leap forward! By moving to ActionScript 3.0, the team will be in a position to offer greater performance and interface responsiveness on modern hardware (up to 10 times in some cases), improved graphics rendering capabilities, HD voice and video with adaptive bitrate video streaming, support for multicore processors, and improved full-screen capabilities. How do you take advantage of all this goodness? Just make sure you are running the latest version of Flash player when the update comes out.

    Of course, other minor tweaks and fixes will be included as always. The work is moving along nicely, and although this update is being allocated a longer development period due to major interface work, the team expects it to be available by the end of the year. The overall update schedule and roadmap won't be significantly affected. This is in keeping with the GChat development promise - more updates, more often. The latest information about proposed or already implemented bug quashes and new improvements can be found at Visichat Project Portal.

    The software will be refreshed both in terms of looks and compatibilities with current popular technologies. The demo for the next major update will go live on the Visichat product page nearer the release date, and we'll let you know it is there so you won't miss out. Stay tuned.

    November 2, 2013
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