• Visichat is becoming GChat Video Chat
  • Visichat is becoming GChat Video Chat

    Effective from today, 5 December, GChat would like to announce the new name of its key product. The software title is changing from Visichat to GChat Video Chat. We're re-branding our most popular video conferencing software to better represent the diversification and growth it has experienced. Acknowledging the history and success of Visichat, we're pleased to say that more energy and intelligence will be dedicated to taking GChat Video Chat forward into the future.

    The change is due to a significant planned reinvention of the next software release. Whilst striving to innovate technologically, we're also seeking to reinforce the GChat brand as representative of the expanded, more global profile of the company. It should be seen as a natural extension of our motto, 'Uncompromising innovation from concept to delivery.'

    This new software label will better align the company's internal and external product naming conventions. Indeed, having started with the company name and domain, we will, over time, move to restructure our entire software and services portfolio accordingly to support the emerging brand. As always, we seek to keep you informed in advance and to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

    We intend to further enhance and develop GChat Video Chat as one of our leading brands. GChat will keep the core experience that made the old software great, whilst bringing you much desired new features and a modern, flexible application framework. We're certain the next software release will be a pleasant surprise to end users and webmasters alike. We feel it more accurately reflects the focus on video conferencing and streaming in our business model, which has seen unprecedented rise in demand in the field of online communication. All documentation, links, references, our homepage, and other company materials will gradually be updated, to build up awareness and strengthen the new brand.

    We'll continue to honour our customer and technical support agreements for older software versions. Your current contracts won't be affected by the change. All current Visichat licenses will automatically become valid GChat Video Chat licenses. Our licensing structure and arrangements remain the same, for the time being. GChat is still the original trademark and copyright holder, and licensing authority, for Visichat and its components.

    We are set to continue meeting all your present and future Internet chat needs. Stay tuned for more news about GChat Video Chat in the coming weeks.

    June 23, 2013
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