• Affiliate Terms and Conditions

  • Definitions
    • We, GChat Limited, referred to as the Provider from this point on, are the sole issuer of licenses for GChat software products, the original copyright and trademark holder for these products and related services. We are the first, only and final authority which controls the affiliate scheme offered here, payments associated with it, all the rates that apply and these Terms and Conditions.
    • You, the customer requesting the affiliate status, termed the Affiliate from this point onwards, are seeking the power to refer new customers to the Provider for paid commission, under these Terms and Conditions.
    • The Service defines the referral powers of the Affiliate, as specified by the Provider. In particular the ability, granted by the Provider to the Affiliate, to place a referral link on the web resource(s) of their choosing for the purposes of directing new customers to the Provider for paid commission at a set rate.
    • Referral is defined to be a customer who clicks on the referral link on the Affiliate website, is forwarded to the Provider's purchase page and completes his transaction for the products he wishes to buy in a single live session, without leaving the Provider's website. Incomplete transactions will not be credited to the Affiliate account.
    General Terms
    • The Affiliate must have a valid account registered with the Provider prior to submitting a request to become an approved referrer.
    • To become approved, The Affiliate cannot have any recorded or pending legal sanctions against his person or account for previous serious breach(es) of the Provider's copyrights, trademarks or any relevant Terms and Conditions.
    • The Affiliate may not use the Service to buy software for himself, i.e. he cannot refer himself or create multiple accounts intending to do so.
    • The Affiliate must already have a website, suitable for promoting Provider's software, to qualify for the Service. The website given to the Provider at the time of submission of the approval request, for verification purposes, must be associated the Affiliate account and be live, or at the point of going so.
    Affiliate Powers
    • The Affiliate can promote the Provider's software and services on their website or via other legal marketing channels which link back to the Affiliate, the Provider or both.
    • The Affiliate can sell the Provider's software and services via their website, which was validated for this purpose by the Provider, but not elsewhere.
    • The Affiliate can claim commission on any new completed sales he generates in a given period of time and at a given rate, as set by the Provider.
    • The Affiliate must be contactable by the Provider and the customers he refers, for the purposes of resolution of any valid customer, software or service queries.
    • The Affiliate must operate legally in his country of origin or where his business is based, if different from the country of origin, in accordance with all applicable common and business laws and regulations.
    Special obligations of the Affiliate
    • The Affiliate must not use the Provider's referral links to spam, including email spam, for the purposes of promotion and selling under deception, or illegally. This clause covers automated spam, and hiring of a third party to run a spamming operation on your behalf.
    • Solicited marketing to genuine interested parties, either by the Affiliate or marketing agency, to which said parties agreed to in advance, is allowed.
    • The Affiliate must use the Provider's referral link as is, without tampering. Any issues with the referral link must be reported to the Provider as soon as they are noticed.
    Commission Payments
    • The Provider shall hold the first commission payment until the newly approved Affiliate accrues commission balance of $100 or more. Subsequently, the minimum payable commission balance shall remain $100.
    • The Provider shall make payments via PayPal or MoneyBookers. The Affiliate may specify his preference for one or the other payment gateway.
    • Provider will keep commissions for at least 3 months, in case of any charge-backs, refunds or types of cancellations, and all commission balances of $100 or more shall be paid after this period.
    • In case of any refunds, cancellations and charge-backs on orders no commission will be paid. Only completed paid orders older than 3 months are eligible for commission.
    • The Affiliate account must be approved prior to getting credits for referrals. Without approval, no referrals will be recorded into the affiliates accounts.
    • Should the Service scheme be withdrawn or suspended at any time by the Provider, any affected Affiliate accounts will be paid 3 months after the date of Service end or their last referral, whichever is more recent.
    • The Provider defines the following commission rates for all referrals made under the terms of the Service by the Affiliate:
      • Single license order – 20%
      • Hosted chat order – 20%
      • Bulk orders – 10%
      These rates may be changed at any time without notice by the Provider to reflect most up to date market conditions. Please check any updates to this document and the main affiliates page regularly for the most up to date figure.
    • The Provider shall only pay commission for the initial order of all licenses and commission payments will be made on referrals of new customers only. The Affiliate may not refer existing customers already registered with the Provider through the Service scheme.
    • The only credit applicable for referring hosted chat subscription customers will be for the original order only – no credit will be granted to the Affiliates by the Provider for any subsequent renewals the customers buy.
    • License renewals and technical support orders will not be eligible for commission.
    Provider's Responsibilities
    • The Provider will give notice of any delay in payments of commission.
    • The Provider will maintain and display this document on its website for all interested parties. This document will always be shown in its most recent state prior to the Affiliate submitting his request for approval.
    • The Provider will notify any Affiliate whose Service rights and account are about to be terminated.
    Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
    • This contract shall be exclusively subject to the laws of The United Kingdom.
    • The language of this contract shall be English.
    • If the Affiliate fails to agree and abide by the Provider's Terms and Conditions, general Terms and Conditions and all other such documents, as apply to the Provider's software and services, the Affiliate's account will be terminated.
    • The Provider can change these Terms and Conditions, and close, suspend or modify the Service at any time. It is the Affiliate's responsibility to check this document and information on the Provider's website regularly for any notices and updates.
    • In order for the Provider to track referrals and calculate appropriate commission, customers referred by the Affiliate must have cookies enabled in their browser, when they make their order. If the Provider cannot verify where the order came from, no commission will be paid.
    Last updated: 31 Oct 2012
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